Giclee on canvas – la profecia del agila y el condor


La Profecia del Aguila y el Condor (80 x 35 cm)

Inspired by the treasures of the universe, the sacred guardian animals that reveal wisdom and understanding to walk in harmony with the earth, nature and ourselves, the human beings that inhabit her…

The serpent, symbol of ancestral medicine, is the guardian and guide of the Sacred Amazonian lineage. The Jaguar of the Amazon represents the spiritual guide, physical strength and the ability to be guided by his heart, as well as the strength of the indigenous man. Thus the serpent and the jaguar complement each other as the channel and life to this prophecy.

It is said that in the beginning, the God of Time created the Sun and the Moon, and by them the Eagle and the Condor were born, with such force that the Eagle and the Condor caused North America and South America to unite to form Central America.

From these lands came the first nations, going through many difficult times, among them the worst was the division of nations in four directions.

After the division appeared the Prophecies that seek to teach the nations the ways for their liberation and unification. One of these prophecies speaks of the day when the union of the tears that spring forth from the hearts of the Eagle and the Condor heal the wounds and fortify the spirits, bodies and minds of the First Towns.

On that day in the name of Freedom, oppression, exploitation and injustice (third-dimensional vices) are finished.


This was the message that our grandfathers of the North and the South brought us.

“After many lives I will return and I will be thousands … I will not die, I only separate from this body”.

Like that it was prophesied five centuries ago by our grandfather Atahualpa Yupanqui, the last Inca.

The memory of us, the Andean Condors, is present the Incario, or the celebration announcing the return of the Inca, the venerable Being of light.

Lakota Grandfather Wallace Blake announces to us: Purification will come.

The Great Mother will cradle us in her arms and dry our tears and the Great Father will walk between us and the broken circle of our peoples will be formed, new again.

The prophecy says that at the beginning of human life all human beings formed a single group. With the passage of time they were divided into two groups.

Each group followed a very different path in its development.

The people of the Eagle were highly intellectual and oriented toward the sciences.

The people of the Condor were strongly intuitive and focused their lives on harmonizing with nature.

The Eagle people will have developed a high sense of aesthetics and their cognitive abilities.

The enormous deployment of their technologies will create technological miracles so astounding that they will expand their minds.

These achievements will generate immense material wealth for the leaders of their group. However, they will find themselves in the spiritual void that will surround their lives.

The people of the Condor, the people of the heart, the spirit, the senses, a deep connection with the natural world, will develop their intuitive skills.

They will know clearly the cycles of the Earth and will be able to relate to the spirits of the animal and plant kingdom. However, they will not know how to perform satisfactorily in the material world of the eagle with whom he will feel at a distinct disadvantage. That will be their biggest risk. The inability to interact with the material world will endanger their existence.

It is clear that Western culture is the people of the Eagle, and the indigenous cultures of the world are the people of the Condor.


Born July 7th 1985, Juan Carlos Taminchi is a young Peruvian artist who has inherited from the Andean and Amazonian cultures. At 8 years old, the surrounding nature drew his attention and stimulated his drawing abilities, and thus opened the possibilities to artistic dreaming. In college, he attended a drawing class that inspired him to study art at the Pucallpa School of Arts, where he then became an Art Professor.

From the age of 17, searching for his artistic style, he discovered the spirit world and sacred plants, which enabled him to deepen his approach to Visionary Art – a sacred and spiritual gift given by Mother Earth. He took part in several exhibits and attended several workshops with other visionary artists from his area.

In October 2009, he made his first individual art exhibit that was named “Amazonia” in Paris France.  Later, he acted on behalf of an association of Amazonian painters and sculptors called ONANYATI, which means “Wisdom from Ancestors” in the Shipibo language in the collective exhibit “Jamais trop d’art” in Tournai, Belgium.

He also took part in various exhibitions such as “Third Eye Gallery”-Boom Festival 2012 in Portugal, “Burning Man 2012,” “Matices de las Americas”, “Moksha Fair Art-2012”- Miami – U.S, “Chimera 2014”- Sedan- France, Symbiosis Festival 2015, California- U.S and many other exhibitions in Europe and the Americas.

Since 2012, he has dedicated his life to serving and sharing the sacred medicine of Amazon, and also leading shamanic art- therapy workshops in various spiritual events. He is often invited to do live painting in events and concerts all around the globe.

Giclee on canvas numbered and authentified by the artist Juan Carlos Taminchi (Pucallpa-Peru).

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 65 × 80 cm


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