Giclee on canvas – Guardianes de la Sabiduria



This painting is inspired by mother nature, still virgin and powerful in some parts of the Amazon jungle. In her enormous cities of trees, she keeps an infinite amount of sacred plants. In each plant there is a spiritual teaching and aromas of wisdom that offer balanced life to heal our souls.

Every temple we see in the painting is a plant; they are the schools where we enter to learn from each one of them.

The fractals or mandalas that are around, they are also spirits of trees, that at the moment no longer have house, no longer have a tree, because of the destruction that nowadays is happening in the Amazon … Even so; these spirits are always shining with their strength and love towards each of us human beings …

During the ancestral rituals with ayahuasca vine, “the heart of the Amazon”, our consciousness awakens to the subtle and magical worlds that permeate the jungle; like this, the hearts receive healing and their messages of light to walk together with nature in unity, in harmony and in love.

Giclee on canvas numbered and authentified by the artist Juan Carlos Taminchi (Pucallpa-Peru).

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 82 cm


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